LLCs and LLPs: Navigating Variable State Tax Treatment

Responding to Latest Changes in LLC Taxation, Non-Reside Withholding, Entity Level Tax, Etc.


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Wednesday, June 27, 2012
5:00 AM-5:00 AM

Bruce Ely, a partner in the Birmingham office, will be leading a panel discussion during a webinar sponsored by Strafford Publications this Wednesday from noon to 1:45 pm CST entitled “LLCs and LLPs: Navigating the Variable State Tax Treatment of the Entity and its Owners.” The other panelists will be Patrick Smith of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in Chicago and co-author of the leading treatise on the topic, and John Fletcher, State Tax Counsel for General Electric Company in Albany, New York and an expert in the field of pass-through entity taxation. The webinar will brief state tax advisors and multistate companies on the differing state tax policies and classifications of LLCs and LLPs, partner/member nexus issues, apportionment variations, entity-level taxes, composite returns and withholding obligations, and the like.

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