AEI Event: What should be done with Fannie and Freddie?



Wednesday, May 15-Thursday, May 16, 2013
5:00 AM-4:59 AM CST

Washington, D.C.

Rob Couch, counsel in the Birmingham office, participated in an AEI panel presentation on May 15, 2013, "What should be done with Fannie and Freddie?"  At the event, housing finance experts discussed the fate of these government sponsored enterprises.  

Other panelists included Mark Calabria with the Cato Institute, James Parrott, Fomerly of the National Economic Council, David Stevens with the Mortgage Bankers Association, and Peter J. Wallison with AEI.   Alex J. Pollock with AEI served as moderator.

To view the full video of the event, access the presentations, and read speaker bios, click here.