International Bribery, Kickbacks, and Graft: "It Ain't What It Used To Be"

Nashville Lunch and Learn Seminar

Wednesday, April 16-Thursday, April 17, 2014

Join the Litigation Team of Bradley for a one-hour presentation. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act was enacted nearly forty years, but only prosecuted in a big way for the past ten. The Department of Justice has stated that for the law to have an effect, executives must go to jail. In the new millennium, violations aren’t what they used to be. Instead of bribes paid consisting of envelopes of cash, the real risk today involves the third parties with whom you choose to do business. Over half of all prosecutions of companies arise from the acts of their third party intermediaries- consultants, sales agents, and distributors. In addition, a substantial number of trade sanctions violations stem from the same parties. The question is: “Do you know with whom you are dealing?”

It is simply not as simple as, “We don’t pay bribes, therefore we don’t have risk”. Instead it is critical that every executive and practitioner involved in international transactions understand these laws and how they are being enforced today. Understanding where the hidden “traps” lie will help you to begin to deal with this risk. This program will provide the basics of this evolving area of the law, a framework for establishing a compliance protocol and tips for the attorneys advising companies that deal internationally.

This course has been approved by the Tennessee Commission for Continuing Legal Education for one hour of CLE credit.


Steven R. Sedberry, Vice President and General Counsel of Jeanswear Americas, VF Imagewear, CASA, and VF Outlet