Annual Southeastern Association of Tax Administrators (SEATA) Conference


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Saturday, July 12-Tuesday, July 15, 2014
5:00 AM-5:00 AM

The Grand Hotel
Point Clear, AL

The 64th Annual Southeastern Association of Tax Administrators (SEATA) Conference will be hosted by the Alabama Department of Revenue and held at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama. Registration begins on Saturday, July 12 and continues through Sunday, July 13, with a welcome reception from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunday evening. Alabama Commissioner of Revenue, Julie Magee, who also serves as SEATA President and Chair of the Multistate Tax Commission, will be the Presiding Officer for the event. Although a detailed agenda for the conference can be found at, some of the more notable highlights for tax practitioners are as follows:

1. July 14 – “Observations on the Impact of Federal Tax Reform on the States and Thoughts for State Tax Administrators,” by Harley Duncan of KPMG LLP and former Executive Director of the Federation of Tax Administrators

2. July 14 – “Update on the Streamlined Sales Tax and Marketplace Fairness Act,” by Charles Collins of Taxware, and an “Update on the Taxation of Digital Goods and Services,” by Brian Kirkell and Dave Elder of McGladrey, LLC

3. July 14 – “Recent Developments in Alternative Apportionment,” led by Fred Nicely of COST and Joe W. Garrett, Deputy Commissioner of Revenue of Alabama

4. July 14 – “The Changing Environment of the Telecommunications Industry” (property tax), led by Toby Reese of Duff & Phelps and Bill May of CenturyLink

5. July 15 – “An Overview of the Regional Economics of the Southeast," by Dr. Ahmad Ijaz of the University of Alabama CBER

6. July 15 – "An Overview of State Taxation,” led by Gale Garriott, Executive Director of the FTA, and Joe Huddleston, Executive Director of the MTC

7. July 15 – “Intangible Expense Addback Developments,” by Scott D. Smith of Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

8. July 15 – “Issues Involving State Government Transparency,” by Mark F. Sommer of Frost, Brown, Todd, LLC

9. July 15 – “The Use and Abuse of Montana LLCs,” led by Robert McVay and Glen Powers of the Alabama Department of Revenue, and Pam Fair of the Louisiana Department of Revenue

10. July 15 – “State Taxation of Pass-through Entities with Emphasis on Series LLCs,” led by James E. Long, Jr. and William T. Thistle, II of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP, and Kristin Husat, General Counsel for the Tennessee Department of Revenue

11. July 15 – “Dark Store vs. Ongoing Concern Valuation,” by Derrick Coleman of the Alabama Department of Revenue, Property Tax Division

12. July 15 – “Current Property Tax Issues,” led by Scott Wright and Zach Atkins of Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, LLP

This conference will provide crucial updates and specific steps for businesses to take in light of recent regulatory changes. Our readers are encouraged to attend. You may register on the website listed above or contact Darrell Smith, Executive Director of SEATA, at