Major CFPB Enforcement Developments in 2015 and Beyond LIVE Webcast

The Knowledge Group Webcasts Series



Monday, February 23, 2015
10:00 AM-12:00 PM EST

The Consumer Financial Protection Board has been regulating financial institutions since its operation in 2011. Two years after its proposal, Dodd-Frank Act has established the CFPB with Title X where it focuses on Mortgages, Credit Cards, Loans and Service Member. Subsequently, CFPB had numerous enforcement activities and significant regulatory changes which generates havoc in financial institutions.

In this two hour live webcast, a panel of key thought leaders and professionals assembled by The Knowledge Group will help the audiences especially Financial Institutions to understand the major and remarkable Enforcement Developments of the CFPB for the year 2015 and beyond.

Key topics include:

  • CFPB Enforcement Development – An Overview
  • Implications of Recent SC Decisions & CFPB Enforcement
  • Developments as to CFPB mortgage servicing rules
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • CFPB Enforcements in Auto and Payday Lending
  • Dodd-Frank Act Provisions
  • CFPB Recent Regulations
  • Safeguarding Against Consumer Finance-Related Litigation
  • CFPB Enforcement Activities and Litigation
  • Compliance Expectation and Obligations
  • The Class Action Fairness Act & Federal Arbitration Act
  • CFPB in Credit Cards and Add-on Products
  • CFPB on Consumer Debt Assistance Services
  • Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act

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