Cyber Risk Management Post-Breach Panel Discussion

7th Annual Southeastern Cyber Security Summit

Wednesday, June 03-Thursday, June 04, 2015

Von Braun Center
Huntsville, AL

Paige Boshell will serve as a panel speaker in a presentation on post-breach cyber risk management at the 7th Annual Southeastern Cyber Security Summit in June 2015. Hosted by Cyber Huntsville and North Alabama Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (NAC-ISSA), this year’s two-day summit is focused on “Cyber Training, Education, and Workforce Development for the Evolving Cyber Threat” and will bring together commercial and Federal-sector communities to address the most up-to-date cyber security issues.

For more information, visit the 7th Annual Southeastern Cyber Security Summit website.

Other Speakers:

Mr. Curt Dukes, Deputy Director, Information Assurance, NSA 
Dr. Peter Fonash, Chief Technology Officer, DHS Cybersecurity and Communications 
Dan Traynor, VP and CIO, Tennessee Valley Authority
Dr. Andy Ozment, Assistant Secretary, Office of Cyber Security and Communications, DHS 
Scott Algier, Vice Chairman, National Council of ISACs