Cutting-Edge Developments In Class Action Law

DRI Class Actions Latest Developments in Law and Practice



Thursday, July 23, 2015

JW Marriott
Washington, D.C.

Appellate attorney Scott Burnett Smith will be presenting, "Cutting-Edge Developments In Class Action Law" at the 2015 DRI Class Actions Seminar.

Though there are fewer blockbusters on this term’s Supreme Court docket than in recent years, class action law has seen important developments across the country. Issues such as CAFA removal, standing, ascertainability, class-wide arbitration, cy pres settlements, 23(b)(3) damages experts, and 23(c) (4) issue classes continue to divide advocates and judges alike. Scott and former chair of DRI’s Appellate Advocacy and Amicus Committees, will discuss these and other hot topics in the field.