A Matter of Life and Death: The Current State of Right of Publicity Law in Entertainment and Sports

Nashville Bar Association Annual Entertainment, Sports & Media Law Seminar



Friday, December 02, 2016

Nashville, TN

This one-hour panel will explore the current state of right of publicity law in Tennessee. Some highlights of this panel will include discussions on: (1) right of publicity litigation in the sports broadcasting arena, using the recent Marshall v. ESPN Sixth Circuit case as a backdrop, which includes recent analysis on the application of Tennessee’s longstanding right of publicity statute—the Personal Rights Protection Act of 1984—and the tension between right of publicity law and the First Amendment; and (2) right of publicity law as it relates to estate planning and post-mortem brand management for artists in light of Prince’s untimely death in 2016.

Other Speakers:

John Beiter, Leavens Strand & Glover
Stacey Schlitz, SchlitzLAW