Give Me One Good Reason to Set Up or Expand Business in Your State: A State Credit and Incentives Review

2018 ABA/IPT Advanced State Income, Sales/Use & Property Tax Seminars



Monday, March 19, 2018
9:00 AM-9:50 AM CST

New Orleans, LA

This session will cover the credits and incentives programs for businesses expanding or starting new operations in various states. The primary focus will be on statutory based programs, but will also include a discussion on obtaining specifically negotiated incentives. We will also cover how to monetize, trade and exchange credits where permitted under state law.

Other Speakers: 

Raymond J. Freda, Esq., Managing Director, Andersen Tax LLC
Don Allison, CPA, Partner, Advantous Consulting, LLC
Jaye A. Calhoun, Esq., Partner, Kean Miller LLP