Dealing with EPA – Opportunities and Risks under the Trump Administration

Houston: Legal Insights - Seminar Series


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Thursday, April 26, 2018
11:30 AM-1:00 PM CST

JPMorgan Chase Tower
600 Travis Street
Houston, TX 77002

Environmental issues often present complex legal and technical problems that can involve significant uncertainty and take years and substantial resources to address. While these uncertainties persist after a year of the Trump administration, EPA Administrator Pruitt’s approach toward environmental protection has taken shape and presents the regulated community with unique opportunities to address complex environmental issues. At the same time, many environmental NGOs are increasing their pursuit of citizen suits under various environmental statutes as a way to address what they perceive to be a less robust approach to environmental protection.

As these two agendas collide, we believe the regulated community should evaluate proactive steps that can be taken to move environmental projects forward and consider strategies for anticipating and defending citizens suits by environmental NGOs. Come join us as we discuss the current state of environmental protection and how to use the Trump/Pruitt tenure to move sites/projects forward and to manage risks posed by environmental NGO advocacy.


  • Overview of Lessons Learned from Trump Administration Activities Under Federal Environmental Laws
  • Opportunities at Solid & Hazardous Waste Sites
  • Opportunities under Other Environmental Laws
  • Risks Posed by Environmental NGO Activities
  • Q&A