Best Practices for Credits & Incentives Management and How to Prepare for FASB Topic 832 and New IRC 118

COST's 49th Annual Meeting



Friday, October 26, 2018
10:30 AM-11:20 AM MST

Phoenix, AZ

This panel will discuss best practices for tracking, managing and reporting on all forms of government assistance for businesses (public and private) of all sizes.  Not only is it critical to gain better control and visibility of this important asset, but to also prepare for new and pending regulations – FASB Topic 832 and IRC 118– which will require greater disclosures on: tax credits, incentives, grants, abatements, rebates, bond guarantees, refundable tax credits, statutory/negotiated incentives, etc.

Other Speakers:

Danny Bigel, The OIX
Arthur Parham, Entergy

For more information about the event, visit the COST website.