Facebook's Libra Coin: with Blockchain Attorney Carol Van Cleef

Meet Up, Blockchain Investors Supergroup

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Boston, MA

For blockchain investors, Facebook's announcement about its new Libra cryptocurrency is a major event.

We are pleased to host CAROL VAN CLEEF, who is known as the go-to attorney for blockchain developers, virtual currency exchanges and wallets, fintech companies, payment processors, prepaid access providers, and other software developers.

You are in for a treat: Carol will be hot off a day of (paid) training and education around stablecoins, including Libra. We'll touch on how Libra works, along with whether it will be able to overcome the concerns being raised by regulators around the world.

As a certified anti-money laundering (AML) specialist, Carol created a series of AML compliance training programs sponsored by the Conference of State Bank Supervisors and attended by state regulators, executives from domestic and foreign banks, securities firms, money services businesses, and other entities.

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