Current Legal Requirements for FinCEN’s Travel Rule

Cryptocurrency Travel Rule Compliance Conference and Hackathon

Tuesday, November 05, 2019
11:30 AM-12:00 PM PST

Argonaut Hotel
495 Jefferson Street
San Francisco, CA

The application of the Bank Secrecy Act’s Funds Transfer and Travel Rule is highly controversial in the cryptocurrency world. In 2015, FinCEN made clear the Rule applied to cryptocurrency exchanges and reaffirmed this position earlier this year. More recently, the Financial Actions Task Force recommended that participating countries adopt a Funds Transfer/Travel Rule- like regulations.  Because compliance with the Rule is difficult due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, the FATF recommendation has caused significant controversy. And the anticipated onslaught of enforcement actions in the US for non-compliance is causing great anxiety in the cryptocurrency space. 

This panel will discuss the current legal requirements in the US and the consequences of noncompliance. 

Other Speakers: 

Dina Mainville
Jim Richards
Joe Ciccolo
Jonathan Dunsmoor

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