COVID-19 Webinar Series: May I Be Excused? Force Majeure Controversies at Home and Abroad

COVID-19 Webinar Series


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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
1:00 PM-2:00 PM CST

COVID-19's impact on contract performance looms large over business and industries across the globe. This presentation will address whether and how COVID-19 operates contractually as a force majeure event in the US and key foreign markets including Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe and Australia.

Goals of the presentation:

  • Explain how force majeure may present an avenue for non-performance under contract without penalty when unforeseeable circumstances arise
  • Analyze specific examples of contract language that may permit discontinuation or termination of performance
  • Understand the mechanics of making a force majeure declaration and pushing back against an unreasonable or imperfect declaration
  • Review universal gap fillers in the common law (impracticability and frustration of purpose) and their unavailability/availability to contracting parties
  • Canvass key foreign markets including the UK, European, Asian and other locale-specific force majeure variations as the law is emerging and companies get back to business
  • Address force majeure causation and the burden of proof
  • Discuss contract interpretation principles courts commonly apply to resolve competing language debates
  • Explore the practical limits of force majeure including risk management considerations, drafting considerations, the duty to mitigate, and hindrance versus impossibility
  • Demystify the evidence needed to rebuke a force majeure declaration, or to support one successfully