The Rise of Domestic Violence in the Pandemic – Address Confidentiality Laws and How Companies Can Protect Victims’ Privacy


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Thursday, June 25, 2020
3:00 PM-4:30 PM EST

Experts are concerned that domestic violence is on the rise since the lockdown began and victims are confined to their homes. Safe Alliance reports a 40% increase in calls to its Greater Charlotte Hope Line. One-third of women in the world experience violence in their lifetime, according to the World Health Organization, causing it “the most widespread but among the least reported human rights abuses.” In times of disaster like epidemics or wars, the risk of domestic violence heightens. Shelters and organizations helping victims will undoubtedly see a strain on resources as the pandemic progresses. The Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program has been adopted by many states to protect victims’ address and other personal information from the public and their abusers.

A panel of speakers including Laura Lawrence, COO and General Counsel of Safe Alliance, Erin Illman and Leah Campbell, Privacy and Data Security attorneys at Bradley, and Jessica Moser, Domestic Violence Specialist in the Life Events team at Bank of America will discuss the following issues:

  • Summary of Safe at Home Address Confidentiality (ACP) laws in the states, and proposed federal legislation.
  • Regulators’ views on ACP programs
  • How financial institutions, businesses and private entities can comply with ACP and protect victims of violence, and how that fits into a community-based approach to addressing the harms of domestic violence.
  • Privacy considerations beyond the law - how can banks and nonprofits apply the ACP compliance obligations in states where it is not yet required.
  • Increase in across state travel during and after the pandemic – working with schools and other agencies to protect confidentiality of students who may have escaped.
  • Best practices for nonprofits to help victims apply for these programs and how to handle the growing pools of participants.
  • Creating a community-wide approach to domestic violence response and support with a focus on protecting privacy and encouraging financial literacy.

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