Managing Disputes Involving PBMs

American Conference Institute’s 11th Annual Advanced Forum on Managed Care Disputes and Litigation



Thursday, July 23, 2020
4:15 PM-5:00 PM CST

  • Learn how PBMs are being implicated in litigation in which they are not directly parties by insurers seeking recovery from pharmacies for drug expenditures (where reimbursement is alleged to have been artificially high)
  • Examine trends in litigation by pharmacies against PBMs over lack of coverage for compounded drugs and exclusion from networks
  • Assess the recent wave of litigation against PBMs over allegations that they contributed to the opioid epidemic by facilitating access to highly addictive drugs
  • Gain insights into antitrust, racketeering, and various state law-based common law claims being made against PBMs for alleged failure to control drug costs

Other Speakers

Eliot M. Burriss (Holland & Knight LLP)

Event Details

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