Navigating Qui Tam and Whistleblower Issues

2020 Alabama Healthcare Fraud Summit



Friday, October 30, 2020

The False Claims Act is one of the federal government’s primary tools to combat Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse. Private citizens may also bring actions under the statute’s whistleblower provisions. Whether based on violations of the Anti-Kickback Statute, violations of the Stark Law, coding issues, documentation issues, or otherwise, healthcare providers may find themselves facing astronomical damages and penalties if they are not careful. Providers should be aware of the pitfalls that may result in liability. During this session, the speaker will explain liability under the False Claims Act, describe the qui tam whistleblower provisions, and give specific examples of situations that may result in liability. An understanding of these elements will assist providers to avoid and/or prevent possible violations. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define the elements of the False Claims Act, including penalties and whistleblower provisions (knowledge) 
  • Identify common defenses to False Claims Act allegations (knowledge) 
  • Demonstrate best practices upon receipt of a government inquiry (competence)

Webinar Details

For more information on this webinar, visit the 2020 Healthcare Fraud Summit event page

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