Bankruptcy Litigation Seminar

Norton Institutes of Bankruptcy Law



Monday, February 22-Wednesday, February 24, 2021
12:00 PM-3:00 PM EST

In 2021, Norton Institutes will conduct a live video program over a period of three days beginning on February 22, 2021. The Institute will feature recent developments presented by retired bankruptcy judges Randy Haines and Keith Lundin, ethical issues led by Susan Freeman at Lewis Roca Rothgerber & Christie, Phoenix, AZ, and Consumer issues led by retired bankruptcy judge Keith Lundin.

Norton Institutes conducts advanced CLE seminars on current bankruptcy law and bankruptcy litigation issues with an emphasis on recent developments in consumer and business bankruptcy cases. Topics are presented by a panel of respected bankruptcy judges and attorneys in a relaxed, interactive atmosphere that invites audience participation and accelerates learning. Each multi-day seminar includes the lively open forums that have become the signature of the Norton seminars.

Webinar Details and Agenda

For more information and a schedule of events for this webinar, visit the Norton Institutes of Bankruptcy Law event page.

Other Speaker(s)

Retired Judge Randy Haines (District of Arizona)

Retired Judge Keith Lundin (Middle District of Tennessee)

Susan Freeman, (Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP)

Ed Bernatavicius (U.S. Trustee’s Office in Phoenix, AZ)

Jeff Hellman (Law Offices of Jeffrey Hellman, LLC)

Judge Kevin R. Anderson (District of Utah)

Retired Judge William H. Brown (Western District of Tennessee)

Henry E. Hildebrand III (Chapter 13 Trustee, Middle District of Tennessee)