Is a New Operation Choke Point on the Horizon?

OLA Legal Issues Conference

Thursday, July 22, 2021
9:00 AM EST

Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel
2800 S Potomac Ave.
Arlington, VA 22202

The online lending industry is no stranger to Operation Choke Point, a U.S. Department of Justice initiative that pressured the financial industry to cut off legitimately licensed businesses from use of the nation’s banking services and networks. Although condemned across a bipartisan spectrum of policymakers and after agency reviews and retraining promises, a concern still exists that the failure to finalize the OCC “Fair Access” rule coupled with a lack of legislative changes protecting businesses has left the door open for future efforts by regulators that may once again hamper companies access to critical banking services. Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss the components of Operation Choke Point and steps that companies can take to safeguard against regulators using their supervisory powers to once again impact long standing banking relationships.

Event Details

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