Advanced Servicing Workshop

Mortgage Bankers Association



Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Westlake, TX

Financial Services Litigation and Compliance attorney Brian O'Dell will co-lead the Mortgage Bankers Association's (MBA) "Advanced Servicing Workshop." Participants will learn the latest trends and issues related to the most recent CFPB exam findings. This advanced course can help improve exam readiness, quality assurance, cost control and profitability. It will also offer a broader perspective on loan servicing operations and enhance strategic thinking skills necessary to manage a compliant servicing operation in today’s regulatory environment. During this challenging and interactive two-day course, our knowledgeable instructors will engage in an in-depth exploration of:

  • Improving servicing profitability
  • Preparing for the new CFPB regulatory challenges
  • Applying operational best practices
  • Implementing technology

Visit the Mortgage Bankers Association website to learn more about the MBA's "Advanced Servicing Workshop."

Other Speaker:

Joel Kan, MBA Associate Vice President of Industry Surveys and Forecasts
Tom Healy, President, Level 1 Analytics