William C. "Beau" Byrd, II on Panel Discussion

Commercial Real Estate Outlook, Alabama Center for Real Estate Annual Conference

Beau Byrd was on the panel discussion at the 2010 Alabama Center for Real Estate Conference regarding the Alabama commercial real estate outlook for 2010.

About Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE):
ACRE, housed within the UA's Culverhouse College of Commerce, collects, maintains and analyzes the state’s real estate
statistics, and is a trusted resource for Alabama real estate research, forecasting, and professional development that includes
hosting our annual Alabama Commercial Real Estate Conference & Expo (www.acreconference.ua.edu). The relationship between
the Center and our industry stakeholders is one of the Center's greatest strengths. Alabama companies and individuals,
partner with the Center bringing a wealth of resources and experiences, becoming, in effect, extensions of the Center, a
network through which our outreach to the Alabama real estate industry is enhanced and enriched. The Center, established in
1996, proudly acts as an industry liaison for the benefit of our business school students pursuing a career in real estate and is
a catalyst for providing interaction with our 900+ real estate alumni. UA’s real estate program began over 75 years ago and
has experienced explosive enrollment growth since 2000.

To learn more about ACRE: www.acre.cba.ua.edu