BABC Partners Matt Lonergan and Anne Yuengert Quoted in Article

Media Mention

Anne Yuengert and Matt Lonergan were featured speakers at a recent ‘Breakfast with Bradley’ seminar held at the offices of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP in Birmingham, Alabama. The seminar focused on new federal rules which have dramatically increased the criteria by which one can be considered disabled. Yuengert said of the changes, “Now under the new law, more workers will qualify as disabled so employers will have to consider whether they must make reasonable accommodations or run the risk of a lawsuit.” Companies have been flooding the BABC Labor and Employment practice with questions regarding the changes which went into effect on May 24. Lonergan spoke of the increase in claims for disability discrimination, saying, “We expect to see another increase in litigation now that the EEOC rules are in effect.”

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