Chuck Stewart to Speak at DRI’s Upcoming Fourth Annual International Conference in Barcelona

Defense Research Institute (DRI) International is presenting DRI's Fourth Annual International Conference in Barcelona, Spain entitled "The Changing Landscape of International Litigation: Hot Topics." The conference is specifically tailored to educate corporate managers, in-house counsel, insurance representatives and external counsel who are involved in the conduct of business or litigation in multiple countries, whether throughout Europe, in North America, or elsewhere. The conference will be dedicated to addressing the constantly changing laws and regulations which impact multi-jurisdictional litigation, providing an update on the current status of critical areas of the law, along with practical tips on resolving day-to-day problems.

Chuck Stewart, a partner in the Montgomery office and current Vice-Chair of the DRI, will be on the panel discussion "Product Liability and Safety." Summer Austin Davis, an Associate in the firm's Birmingham office, has worked closely with Stewart to prepare an impressive presentation which has already received recognition from other discussion panelists. Recent and ongoing reforms of EU product directives, contrasting approaches to scientific and legal liability, and varying levels of damages across Europe and the United States will be discussed.

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