Sky Woodward Quoted Regarding Dramatic Ethnic and Racial Differences in Civil Trial Preferences

Firm News

Sky Woodward, partner in the Washington D.C. office, was quoted in a press release issued by the DRI regarding a recent poll which found Hispanics and African-Americans are significantly less likely than whites to trust their fate to a jury rather than a judge or an arbitrator. The annual DRI National Poll on the Civil Justice System is conducted by the DRI’s Center for Law and Public Policy and is the only annual national poll dedicated to the civil justice system.

“Litigants need to feel that they approach the courts as equals before the law," said Sky Woodward, Chair of the DRI’s Center for Law and Public Policy. "If Hispanic reluctance to have a jury decide their case or black reluctance have a judge decide theirs is the result of mistrust, perhaps we ought to be looking more thoughtfully at ways of addressing that. We need more information."

To learn more, read the complete DRI press release.