Bradley’s 2014 Construction Law Seminar Featured in Alabama Construction News

Alabama Construction News

Media Mention

Bradley’s Construction and Procurement Practice Group launched its fourth annual Construction Law Seminar, “Managing Risk on a Construction Project,” which was featured in the June/July issue of Alabama Construction News magazine. A complimentary service to the firm’s clients and select industry professionals, the half-day seminar features a panel of the firm’s attorneys who share the latest updates and information in construction law, from the initial contract and construction drawings to the post-completion management of a project.

“It’s very hard hitting on many of the fundamental construction law concepts and is a great training tool for younger professionals. It also serves as a great ‘refresher course’ for the more seasoned professional,” said partner David Pugh. “This is an opportunity for them to slow down with no pressure and ask the questions they may have about fundamental legal concepts and contract terms and techniques.”

Posted with permission. Read the complete article, "Managing Risk on a Construction Project." The article first appeared in the June/July issue of Alabama Construction News, published by the Associate Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Alabama.