Henry Walker and Bob Patterson Quoted in Nashville Arts Magazine Regarding Revitalized Art in the Firm’s Nashville Office

Nashville Arts Magazine

Media Mention

Henry Walker and Bob Patterson were recently quoted in Nashville Arts Magazine article entitled “Not the Same Old Boring Office Art” regarding the acquisition of new art for the Nashville office expansion to the sixth floor of Roundabout Plaza.

Walker and fellow Bradley attorney Berry Holt, both art collectors, decided to change the art scene in the Nashville office, drawing from the office’s impressive collection. They even invited secretaries to select their favorite pieces to hang across from their desks. “People loved the idea that they had a choice,” said Walker, “that someone was asking them what they wanted to look at all day.” Walker and Holt even commissioned works by local painters for the new floor of the office, with one painter completing a piece in the office where attorneys and staff members glimpsed his artistic process. “It’s been great for morale,” said partner Bob Patterson. “Everyone feels a part of the process.”

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