Robert M. Couch Quoted in SNL Financial Article Regarding Housing Finance Reforms

Media Mention

Robert Couch, BABC Attorney and Commissioner for the Bipartisan Policy Center's Housing Commission, was recently quoted in an SNL Financial article entitled "Risk retention dies as housing finance reform stagnates." The article is part of the publication’s Dodd-Frank four-year anniversary series. It explores the “apparent death of risk retention as a meaningful policy tool” as well as the alignment of Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) and Qualified Mortgage (QM).

Couch commented on the QRM-QM alignment, saying, “My sense is, from conversations that I've had, that the proposal to wed those two concepts is pretty much a done deal.” He added, “I think if you injected truth serum into them, they'd say, ‘We were trying to come up with a rule that was workable, as opposed to what made the most sense’.”

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