George A. Smith II Quoted in Regarding “Maximizing Value for Business Growth & Transaction” Seminar

Media Mention

George Smith was recently quoted in an article regarding the recent “Maximizing Value for Business Growth & Transaction” seminar, hosted by Bradley and Decosimo certified public accountants, held at the Regions Bank of downtown Huntsville, Alabama. The seminar featured experienced M&A advisors—including Bradley attorneys Frank M. Caprio; Stephen H. Hall; W. Justin Hendrix; David W. Holt; and G. Bartley Loftin, III—who outlined the financial and legal aspects of dealmaking.

Smith advised Huntsville’s small business government contractors to hold any discussions with potential buyers in the strictest confidence, saying, “We know situations where companies would come to Huntsville ostensibly to buy a company, but would really be here just to get the lay of the land.”

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