Chris Christie Appears on WIAT 42 News Regarding UAB’s Groundbreaking Diabetes Research

WIAT 42 News

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Chris Christie, Chair of the Alabama Board of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), appeared on WIAT 42 News to discuss UAB’s discovery of a cure for diabetes in lab mice. Human trials are set to begin in January, and Christie cites this groundbreaking development as “the first step in finding a cure for diabetes.”

“UAB School of Medicine and [Dr. Aneth Shalev], who is the primary researcher for the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center, have made tremendous strides,” Christie said. “All of the prior treatments really just dealt with people’s inability to make or use insulin correctly. They actually now have a process that reverses diabetes in mice.”

To learn more, view the complete WIAT 42 News segment or watch the video below.