John Goodman Quoted in Law360 Regarding Significant Privacy Case


Media Mention

John Goodman was quoted in a Law360 article entitled “Privacy Cases to Watch in 2015.” In Spokeo v. Robins, plaintiff Thomas Robins of Virginia brought a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) suit against Spokeo Inc., alleging that publication of false information caused him harm. In February, the Ninth Circuit ruled that the alleged violations of his FCRA rights sufficiently satisfied Article III's injury-in-fact requirement for standing. The Supreme Court is currently weighing whether to take up Spokeo’s challenge that Robins must show actual harm, rather than a fear of possible harm.

“If the Supreme Court decides to take the case, we may hear a more definitive word on the level of harm that someone has to suffer to be able to qualify for Article III standing," said Goodman.

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