Housing Finance Reform Insight from Robert Couch in National Mortgage News

National Mortgage News

Media Mention

National Mortgage News recently cited Robert M. Couch’s commentary regarding the current temperature of the mortgage lending industry. "While the new policies demonstrate the Obama administration's willingness to address the mortgage industry's future, the overtures have come too late in the president's tenure to spark more comprehensive reforms," said Couch at the Regional Conference of the Mortgage Bankers Association held in Atlantic City, N.J., this week.

"[Obama] doesn't have much time, and he doesn't have much political capital. I wish he had come to this conclusion a lot earlier," added Couch, who was previously counsel for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and later president of Ginnie Mae during the George W. Bush administration. "It will be difficult for any presidential candidate to put into a sound bite what the cure to this problem is.”

Read the complete National Mortgage News article, "Painful Mortgage Memories Ebb, But Reform Obstacles Persist.”

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