Frank M. Caprio Quoted in Business Alabama on Encouraging an IP Culture in the Workplace

Business Alabama

Media Mention

Frank M. Caprio was recently quoted in an article in Business Alabama, which examines the world of intellectual property law and the aspects of intellectual property that businesses should consider in order to protect their interests. The article also delves into the ways that companies can avoid IP troubles, one of which is encouraging an IP-friendly culture in the workplace, which includes incentivizing employees to share their ideas with the company.

“That can be a challenge, because a lot of folks are pretty humble,” said Caprio. “Scientists and engineers, for the most part, aren’t braggers. They can solve a problem on the manufacturing floor and not think much about it when, in fact, their solution to a problem might not be innovative only to their company. It might also be a licensing opportunity to other similarly situated companies.”

Read the entire article, “How to Protect and Mine Your IP,” which first appeared in Business Alabama in April 2015.