Bradley Arant Partner Chris Christie Quoted in during AseraCare Trial

Media Mention

Bradley Arant attorney Chris Christie was quoted in from his opening statement during the AseraCare trial in which the government challenges the company’s hospice care eligibility decisions. Trial jurors are being asked to determine whether the company made false claims to Medicare for 123 patients. To qualify for the government Medicare hospice benefit, a patient must be certified by both their primary care physician and a hospice doctor as being likely to die within six months if the disease follows its normal course.

“No human knows whether someone is going to live less than six months,” Christie told the jurors during opening statements of the trial of the whistleblower lawsuit that alleges the company submitted false claims to Medicare for patient hospice benefits.

The complete article, “Hospice care decisions not ‘exact science,’ lawyer tells jurors,” first appeared on on August 10, 2015.