Bradley Arant Financial Services Litigation Attorneys Interviewed in DS News on HOA Decision in Nevada

DS News

Media Mention

Bradley Arant attorneys Jon Patterson and Aaron Chastain were interviewed by DS News on a recent HOA decision from the Nevada Supreme Court. As discussed in their Financial Services Perspectives blog post , Patterson and Chastain explained that the Court’s ruling on pending litigation around HOA super-priority liens failed to provide the desired clarity that the lending community had expected.

“So there was some hope that this opinion would go a long way toward clearing up some global issues. It didn’t do that, and in fact, kind of did the opposite, which at least suggests that these cases may be taking on more of an individualized track with every single case having to be litigated on its own facts to answer certain questions that the court left out there,” said Patterson.

The complete interview, “HOA Super-Priority Lien Issue Not as Clear After Court Opinion,” appeared in the DS News Counsel’s Corner on February 2, 2016.