Aron Beezley Quoted in Law360 Regarding “Four Winning Bid Protest Arguments At The GAO”


Media Mention
Bradley Arant attorney Aron Beezley was quoted in Law360 regarding the ways of arguing at Government Accountability Office (GOA) bid protest. Attorneys should look for evidence that the contracting agency didn’t follow the criteria it laid out for itself in the solicitation, experts say. Sometimes, agencies can deviate from the solicitation criteria, and the GAO's FY2015 report on bid protests put unfollowed evaluation criteria as one of the top five reasons why a protest was sustained.

"Unfollowed solicitation criteria one of the most consistently successful protest arguments in sustained challenges," Beezley said.

The complete article, “Four Winning Bid Protest Arguments At The GAO,” first appeared in Law360 on March 11, 2016. (Login Required)