Bradley Arant Partner Mabry Rogers Featured in Law360 Q&A


Media Mention

Bradley Arant attorney Mabry Rogers was featured in a recent Law360 Q&A. As a partner in the firm’s Construction and Procurement Practice, Rogers shared some of his experience based on his years of national and international arbitration work.

Q: What are two trends you see that are affecting the practice of international arbitration?

A: The first is the growing sophistication of the arbitration tribunals (and the resulting growth in the number of sound arbitrators) and the second is the use of U.S. courts to attempt to obtain discovery. I applaud the first trend, and I am doubtful about the second. As arbitration becomes more popular, it seems it becomes more encrusted with procedure — the joy of many lawyers, but the bane of most business people.

The complete Q&A first appeared in Law360 on April 18, 2016. (login required)