Bradley Partner Will Manuel Quoted in Law360 on Supreme Court’s Constructive Discharge Ruling


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Will Manuel was quoted in Law360 in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Green v. Brennan decision that the filing period for a constructive discharge claim starts to when an employee resigns, not when an employer’s last act of bias prompts the resignation.

“This decision sets a standard rule, at least with regard to civil servants, that in a constructive-discharge case, the 45-day time period for initiating contact with the EEOC runs from the date of separation from employment, and not any earlier discriminatory act. Beyond that simple holding, language within the decision appears to indicate that the court is looking for ways to make it easier for employees to file charges and ultimately lawsuits, and not be caught by regulatory timelines,” said Manuel.

The complete article, “Attys React to High Court’s Constructive Discharge Ruling,” appeared in Law360 on May 23, 2016.