Bradley Partner Anne Yuengert Quoted in Legal Newsline on Preparing for OSHA Penalty Increase

Legal Newsline

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Bradley attorney Anne Yuengert was quoted in Legal Newsline on ways businesses can avoid OSHA’s penalty increases. To keep pace with inflation, maximum penalties for OSHA violations will rise nearly 80 percent and will take effect after August 1, 2016.

“The way to prepare is to audit their OSHA compliance to make sure that before these new fines go into place, they’ve done what they can to make sure they’re compliant,” Yuengert said.

She added that while many larger companies and organizations typically have safety or health departments, smaller businesses could reach out to OSHA consultants or compliance programs to make sure they are prepared.

Generally speaking, Yuengert said, a company could come to face OSHA due to an employee complaint, or if the agency notices a problematic pattern in reports from a particular employer or industry.

The complete article, “ Businesses now face 78% higher penalties for OSHA violations ,” appeared in Legal Newsline on July 14, 2016.