Bradley Attorney Amy Puckett Quoted in Cook County Record on EEOC’s New Enforcement Guidelines

Cook County Record

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Amy Puckett was quoted in the Cook County Record on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) new guidelines, which were prompted by a surge in retaliation claims. Employers should take note of the enforcement guidelines and update policies and procedures as necessary.

“The Guidelines outline ‘Promising Practices’ that employers should implement to help reduce their risk of violations,” Puckett said. “The EEOC also acknowledges, however, that adopting these practices does not guarantee an employer will not be held liable for unlawful actions.

“These promising practices include: maintaining or creating written, plain-English retaliation policies with user-friendly examples, training management and human resources, debriefing and providing anti-retaliation advice and support after EEO allegations are made, providing follow-up and support during the course of and after an EEO matter, and reviewing of employment actions to ensure the employer remains compliant with the revised Guidance.”

The complete article, “Upsurge in retaliation claims prompts new EEOC guidelines; employers should take note, lawyer says,” appeared in The Cook County Record on September 21, 2016.