Bradley Partner Paige Boshell Featured in Nashville Business Journal’s Table of Experts on Cybersecurity

Nashville Business Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Paige Boshell was featured in the Nashville Business Journal’s Table of Experts on cybersecurity. Boshell joined a panel of experts to discuss cybersecurity advice, including what businesses should consider their biggest security concern.

“I think what we would counsel now is what we’ve been counseling for the past five years, which is that a plan and continuous planning is critical. What we’ve really seen more recently is a shift from a specific incident response plan, that’s much like a business continuity plan in this context, to more overall, overarching data security planning. So your response and resiliency to an incident remains key, but even more important is the up-front planning,” said Boshell.

The complete edition, “Table of Experts: Insights into Cyber Security,” was published in the Nashville Business Journal on August 26, 2016. (login required)