Bradley Attorney Aron Beezley Quoted in Law360 on How High Court Decision Could Shift Approach to FCA Suits


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Aron Beezley was quoted in Law360 on how a U.S. Supreme Court decision on when violations of the False Claims Act's (FCA) automatic seal require dismissal of a case could affect FCA disputes. Whichever way the high court comes out could offer a potentially significant shift in the way each side approaches FCA suits, potentially giving relators more leverage to extract settlements, or prompting defendants to aggressively look for potential seal violations, no matter how minor.

“If the court holds that violation of that rule is ultimately no big deal, then that could have the effect of encouraging plaintiffs to leak information to the press and use the press to extract settlements," Beezley said. "If, on the other hand, the Supreme Court holds that violation of the 60-day rule should result in dismissal of the suit, for instance, then the plaintiffs bar would probably view that as being a pretty draconian result.”

The complete article, “Justices Could Tip Power Balance In FCA Seal Dispute,” appeared in Law360 on October 31, 2016. (login required)