Bradley Partner Robert Maddox Quoted in Inside MBS & ABS on Impact of Treasury Sweep of Unprivileged Documents

Inside MBS & ABS

Media Mention

Bradley Partner Robert Maddox was quoted in Inside MBS & ABS on a prominent Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shareholder case that ordered the government to re-examine 11,000 documents it is withholding following an appeals court ruling that found a number of documents did not merit privilege treatment at all. While this court order recognizes the limited scope of privilege, and the plaintiffs’ need for the documents, Maddox cautioned against drawing conclusions as to the impact of this order on the merits of the case itself.

“The order certainly places a burden on the government to re-review several thousand documents in a short period of time and, in doing so, acknowledges that certain documents are relevant to the issues at hand,” Maddox said. However, he added that the outcome of the re-review, and any additional discovery disputes that may arise as a result, will be far more instructive as to the ultimate outcome of the case.

The complete article, “Government Must Turn Over Unprivileged Documents Relating to Treasury Sweep,” appeared in Inside MBS & ABS on March 17, 2017. Login required.