Bradley Attorneys Paige Boshell, Amy Leopard and Jordan Stivers Interviewed by Nashville Post on Cybersecurity

Nashville Post

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Bradley attorneys Paige Boshell, Amy Leopard and Jordan Stivers were interviewed by the Nashville Post on how businesses can prepare and respond to a cyber attack. Today businesses, individuals and other computer users should expect to one day be victimizedby a cyber attack, and it’s equally as important to be prepared for the fallout from a cyber breach as to defend against one.

“If somebody is determined enough, there’s no secret system that’s 100 percent safe,” said

Leopard, who co-leads the firm’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice Group along with Boshell. “The actors you’re dealing with are incredibly sophisticated.”

“The first step is, you’ve got to stop it,” explained Boshell. “We usually get called soon enough by our clients that they’re just discovering that something happened.”

A cyber breach can cause chaos within a business, according to the lawyers, who deal with cyber breach incidents in one form or another about once a week.

“You’re running on different tracks all at the same time,” Boshell says. “You’ve got a group of people trying to stop it, a group of people trying to assess what happened factually, a group of people trying to assess the legal implications. You’ve got marketing/PR and internal HR people trying to come up with a coherent message.”

The complete article, “An interdisciplinary fire drill,” appeared in the Nashville Post on May 19, 2017. (login required)