Bradley Partner Paige Boshell Quoted in InformationWeek on Avoiding Contract Disputes


Media Mention

Bradley partner Paige Boshell was quoted in InformationWeek on a $100 million lawsuit filed by MillerCoors against contractor HCL, an India-based IT outsourcing firm. HCL filed a counterclaim disputing the allegations that it is responsible for a troubled ERP project. Experts who negotiate IT contracts and study software deployments warn that big projects can include “trip wires” at every turn.

Boshell advises clients to put as much detail into contracts as possible. The key is detailing “concrete objective steps, expectations, measurements, standards and remedies so that you can point to something very specific and ‘this was not done.’ That really helps in dealing with disputes later on,” Boshell explained.

How the payment is arranged is also important. “If you’re paying 50% upfront to a vendor then the vendor has all the leverage through implementation,” she said. Instead, payments should be tied to an acceptance process “so the customer has leverage along the way.”

The complete article, “MillerCoors’ $100-Million IT Lawsuit Warning,” appeared in InformationWeek on July 27, 2017.