Bradley Partner Aron Beezley Quoted in Law360 on Continued Momentum for Military Partnerships Despite GAO Decision


Media Mention

Bradley attorney Aron Beezley was quoted in Law360 on a decision from the Government Accountability Office that is unlikely to slow momentum of intergovernmental service agreements (IGSAs). Despite the GAO’s finding that IGSAs count as procurement contracts, advocates of “installation support services” contracts between military bases and local governments cite potential savings and stronger relationships between bases and local governments.

Beezley explained that many of the legacy base contracts are performed by small, disadvantaged companies working through various contracting programs.

“I think you’ll start to see more bid protests by those companies challenging the government’s decision to use IGSAs, particularly since the GAO has now made clear that it has jurisdiction over such protests,” Beezley said.

However, even if those protests make contracting officials think twice before pursuing new IGSAs, Beezley argued that enough information is out there about their potential benefits that the government will continue pushing to expand their use.

The complete article, “GAO Move Not Likely To Deter Military Partnerships,” appeared in Law360 on August 2, 2017. (login required)