Bradley Partners Robert Maddox and Brian O’Dell Featured in BHM Biz


Media Mention

Bradley attorneys Robert Maddox and Brian O’Dell were featured in BHM Biz in an article about legal marketing and “rainmaking.” The article highlights the success of their financial services litigation and regulatory practice, which grew out of Birmingham’s healthy financial sector -- at one time home to four of the nation’s biggest banks.

“One way to grow client relationships is to make sure you understand your clients’ needs and provide them with excellent client service and guidance that helps them meet their business goals,” said O’Dell.

“It is personal marketing, but if you enjoy what you do it is not work,” Maddox said. “We do a lot of bet-the-company work and there is a lot of stress in that, because you realize what you are doing has an impact on thousands of employees. But when you realize you have a great firm behind you it makes it a lot easier. It is nice to work in an environment where you can get up in the morning and focus on your clients.

“We know them on a personal level, transcending the professional. We have relationships that have lasted more than a decade. As our clients move to new companies they take us with them. The one thing that we routinely hear is that when they have a problem, they feel we take ownership of the problem with them,” Maddox explained.

The complete article, “Making It Rain,” appeared in BHM Biz magazine on August 2, 2017.