Bradley Partner Bill Norton Quoted in The Deal on Third Quarter Uncertainty

The Deal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Bill Norton was quoted in The Deal on a third quarter marked by uncertainty for Puerto Rico’s economic future and a slower retail sector, as well as turmoil in the healthcare industry largely caused by changes to government reimbursement rates.

Norton, who is currently handling the Chapter 11 case of a long-term care facility, explained that the financial problems for the facility weren't caused by operational problems -- rather funding has dried up to the industry.

"Their operational is doing well. Their struggle is in getting financing," Norton said. "Projecting five years out, you just don't know what the government is going to do. That uncertainty is making it hard for them to get financing and long-term loans," he said.

The complete article, “Third Quarter Marked by Uncertainty for Puerto Rico and Slower Retail Sector,” appeared in The Deal on October 2, 2017. (login required)