Bradley Partner Mark Hanley Quoted in The National Law Journal on How to Avoid Common Pitfalls in Bad Sexual Harassment Policies

The National Law Journal

Media Mention

Bradley attorney Mark Hanley was quoted in The National Law Journal on how companies can make sure they have sexual harassment policies in place to protect employees.

The costs of sexual harassment can include millions of dollars in settlements, low employee morale, high-job turnover, increased sick leave, decreased productivity and reputational loss, said Hanley.

“Among employer best practices are a zero-tolerance policy—to start, a written sexual harassment policy, proper training of management and employees on that policy upon hire and at least every year thereafter, prompt and thorough investigations of allegations, and prompt and effective remedial action based on investigations,” Hanley said.

The complete article, “How Companies Can Avoid Pitfalls of a Bad Sexual Harassment Policy,” appeared in The National Law Journal on November 22, 2017.