Bradley Partner Paige Boshell Quoted in FundFire on Cyber Enforcement Targets


Media Mention

Bradley partner Paige Boshell was quoted in FundFire on cybersecurity risks and incidents plaguing companies that the SEC has identified as areas of enforcement interest.  Regarding the SEC’s focus on public company cyber disclosures, Boshell explained that disclosures would not be limited to just breaches.

"Other cyber incidents that may impact the value of the company are also at issue," Boshell said.

"This value is not only derived from its customer personal information but also from intellectual property information and strategic business operations. For example, a cyber incident that does not result in a breach but results in loss of internal research and development information or disruption of related systems can precipitate delays in production or increases in costs that may impact company value," Boshell said.

The complete article, “SEC Reveals Top Cyber Enforcement Targets,” appeared in FundFire on November 3, 2017. (login required)