Bradley Partner Jason Mehta Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Deeper Scrutiny for Genetic Testing

Bloomberg Law

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Bradley attorney Jason Mehta was quoted in Bloomberg Law on an investigation into false or improper claims against a genetic testing company. Health officials are asking for more information on Myriad Genetics’ billing to public healthcare programs, which may be a sign of increased DOJ scrutiny and oversight to come in that sector.

“This is sort of an ominous, foreboding sign to toxicology and genetic testing facilities,” Mehta said. “The industry as a whole and clinical testing facilities in particular will feel the wrath of the DOJ’s watchful eye, and I would not be surprised if there’s kind of a corresponding ripple effect in terms of expectations from investors,” he added.

The complete article, “Genetic Testing Co. Probe ‘Ominous’ for Diagnostics Scrutiny,” appeared in Bloomberg Law on March 13, 2018.